How it works

Watch the video that explain how you can use FarmHedge to connect and trade online with your customers.

FarmHedge lets yougo digital

FarmHedge lets you move your trading activities to the digital world easily and securely.

You’ll keep trading and communication with your customers under control on your FarmHedge dashboard.

Stay personal

We value the personal connection between you and your customers.

You can invite your customers to your private trading network.

Prices and offers will be visible only to to your customers.

Why FarmHedge?

A few reasons why our customers love FarmHedge.

Less coordination effort

Emails, messages, calls.. FarmHedge lets you spend less time and money coordinating the communication with your customers.

Targeted spot offers

FarmHedge lets you send offers to specific customers for specific amounts of goods. No other online tool let you do that.

Business Insights

Use FarmHedge to help decision-making on marketing, storage and distribution.

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